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"You Are Who You Hang With!"

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

We as a human race were not meant to live life alone, we need to be connected,

This week we will continue to explore Tony Robins -10 Ways of Moving Through Adversity, with a discussion around the importance of who we surround ourselves with, who inspires us, and why these peer groups are so important for growing through adversity.

7 Learn from Others

8 Elevate your Peer Group

We will also discuss the "I" and "N" of RAIN.

  • Investigate with Interest

  • Nurture with Self Compassion.

Below is the link to the second part of Tara Brach's podcast on Self Compassion relating to Adversity and how to move through it with grace.

Question for Tuesday...Who do you admire for their inspirational journey through adversity? (this may be some one famous or someone you know personally)

See you Tuesday,


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