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The Door To Happiness Opens Inward

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Dear Caring Circle Sisters,

Even though we would never believe that the setbacks or traumas in our lives were put in front of us for a reason, we can focus on attention around the possibility that we will grow through self awareness from these unfortunate events or setbacks. We will need to make shifts in our thoughts and start to see with "new eyes". We will see an inner strength that sheds light on the new pathways towards growth and self compassion.


This week we continue with the look at Tony Robins 10 ways to move through Adversity.


Realizing that "life happens for you, not to you", is key to overcoming adversity.


Think of some of the most successful people on Earth. All of them put in the time to improve their skills and take their talents to the next level.

Also this week, I want to introduce you to Tara Brach. Tara is an American psychologist, author an proponent of Buddhist meditation. She is a wonderful teacher and over the next two classes we will explore her mindfulness tool, RAIN, an acronym for Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture. I am hoping you will entertain the idea of listening to Part 1 of her lecture series(below) that relates to how to move through adversity with Self Compassion. I realize this podcast is longer that I normal ask you to view or listen to, but I feel her messages are so powerful and enjoyable. Perhaps you can pour yourself some herbal tea and listen a few evenings before bed. If the link asks you to join Spotify, just go to the top left corner (see three dots) and hit exit. Continue to push the round green play button and it should load for you. Please let me know if you have any difficulties.

The second link is a nice morning meditation for you. Simple yet beautiful.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Try to think of of what your thoughts are around the sentence "life happens for you, not to you". We can discuss this in more detail on Tuesday evening.

"Stop pushing so hard on the door to happiness, the door opens inward" Unknown

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