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Gratitude Is A Healing Energy

I feel this quote helps sum up our quest for learning more about and moving through adversity.

Our Caring Circle has explored many topics regarding how to set our sights and expectations for a clearer, less fearful way towards a brighter future when we are dealing with tough times.

Hopefully, we are gaining better insight as to which direction to look. We are starting to look inward as well as forward💕

"Adversity happens to everyone but it doesn’t need to derail our lives. Learning how to overcome adversity is a life skill that everyone must master. We just need to learn how to handle it in a way that will bring us to the other side without exhausting ourselves."

This Tony Robbins quote gives a small summary as to why we want to learn about moving through adversity towards resiliency. Below are Tony's his last two ways or suggestions to help us move forward on that journey.



A must see video relating to adversity and gratitude.

“If you don’t give up on something you truly believe in, you will find a way.”

“There is no real security except for whatever you build inside yourself.” ― Gilda Radner.

I cannot wait to share our evening together next Tuesday!



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