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Why Food Diversity?

Updated: May 3, 2022

We have been discovering how lowering chronic inflammation in our bodies through our lifestyles, food choices and how honoring gentle movement can start us on the path to healing. More specifically, we have taken a deep dive to better understand how our food choices can effect our gut health for the the better. Many foods, we are learning, have the superpowers to either inflame or cool our immune system. This week, I want to touch on why we need to invite "variety" of good foods into the microbiome as well. Not the "same old, same old" smoothie or lunch every day! (I am guilty of this)

Please remember Sisters In Stride, that even if we try one new learned skill, food or incorporate one new idea each week, we are on the path forward to better health. Do not get overwhelmed by all the information. There is no test! Some ideas may feel right for you and others may not.

We are learning and creating intellectual diversity just by pondering new ideas and learning new ways of "being" in our lives. From this place of exploration, we then decide, what works and what does not. Isn't it fun to expand our horizons! That is all I hope you will take away from our Caring Circle Sisterhood. Oh, and of course, that we are not alone on this every circling (or soaring) journey of life. 💕 Beth


Last modified: November 5, 2021. Originally posted: July 28, 2021 By Sophia DeSantis


Food diversity basically means having a diverse number of plants in your diet. Each have different fibers and nutrients that are beneficial for your gut. When we eat a wide variety of nutrients, we more easily move toward better wellness. We give more nutrients for the healthy bacteria to feed on, which leads to greater nourishment of the whole body, brain included. Some experts say we do best when eating up to 30 different types of foods a week!


The farming industry 200 years ago looks different than it does today. Farmers would grow 7-10 different types of crops and they would rotate each kind.

This is because every plant takes something from soil and gives something to soil. Healthy soil is rich and biodiverse, having a variety of nutrients. So when we have a variety of plants growing, we then get a variety of nutrients from them.

Healthy soil also holds moisture better. The moisture gives back to the environment and helps with getting us more rain. This helps grow plants better overall.

Having a diet diverse in many foods is also really important for your physical health. Our gut is like soil. We are actually more bacteria than we are human.

Bacteria helps tell us what we crave to eat based on what it wants and needs. You can actually replace your entire gut in a week by changing your diet!

Eating more diverse foods helps you crave more nutritious food. Which overall even helps improve your immunity.


Working on better gut health has many pillars that can be involved. Here are some things that nutritionists and Doctors work on with clients:

1. Looking at trusting your gut, listening to that inner wisdom and your body overall.

2. Resting and recharging. Stress can impact our gut health so much.

3. Eating with intention. Choosing food for why it is good for you, not because someone else told you to eat it.

4. Kitchen confidence. It’s one thing to talk about what is nutritious but knowing the how is what helps get it done.

5. Purpose over perfection. There is no such thing as a perfect gut. It’s a balancing act and it’s okay to not be all or nothing.

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Health Inquiry

What is one habit you could change in some small way, that would invite food diversity to your routine? Try to also think of this in the realm of "EEE." Does this choice give you Energy, Ease or Enjoyment?

Homework this week....make a "Post It" note in your kitchen that says, EEE, as a visual "anchor or reminder" to help you stay with your best intentions.

I am looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday, May 4th.


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