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The More You Know....The More You Can Glow!

Updated: May 9, 2022

May 11, 2022

Dear Sisters In Stride,

Together we have been on an emotional and educational journey inward toward better health and wellness. As a Caring Circle of women, we have shared, laughed, cried and held each with support and understanding. We have found one more avenue toward investing in ourselves, wholeheartedly, mind and body! How therapeutic is that!! 💕

This session, our journey has taken us inward to examine our current beliefs, habits, and choices regarding health, disease, and the role of chronic inflammation.

Why is inflammation important to understand? Well, we are learning that we must, as individuals and as an integral part of a healthy society, look to the root cause of disease and ask ourselves what can we do to live from a place of prevention instead of reaction? How can we create a healthy, nurturing environment where we learn, grow and thrive not just trust, hope and survive!

When it comes to how we nourish ourselves, we have looked at the research and listened to our own intuition regarding anti inflammatory foods. What foods make us feel good, what foods make us feel low or uncomfortable? How can better consumer decisions and understanding, help us find more ease and less disease in the mind and body?

So far, we have learned about anti inflammatory choices regarding the Macronutrients (Fat, Proteins and Carbohydrates) we consume. However, we would be missing part of picture if we did not look at Micronutrients and the important role they play in helping to create balance and sustaining better health. These are the vitamins and minerals that support our healthy growth and nourishment. Please check out the links below for more information about their role and benefits regarding healthy nutrition.

Dear Sisters In Stride, together, we have visited many wellness topics regarding our mind, body and our overall wellness, I am picturing the journey of life, like the art of dance. Life, like dance, is a many faceted playlist that involves an infinite amount of choices. Like dancing, we choose to say yes to the intuitive invitation, listen for the rhythm that invites us to move, to maintain good balance, look forward and make small but steady steps, and to let the music raise our inner vibration and lead us around and around this dance floor of life. We can dance alone or with others. Each time around we learn, laugh and try to avoid the many possible pit falls, and try to see the beauty of it all. Each twirl, sway and stride, helps us make informed choices that help us continue until the very last song is played. Our nutrition is integral and foundational regarding how we choose to dance through life. Together, we are mindfully dancing, learning and enjoying life, one "stride" at a time.

It is my sincerest hope, that our look at how we nourish ourselves through the lens of anti inflammatory foods, has provided more tools in the "toolbox", or songs for your "playlist", toward better health and wellness in our futures. Knowledge is power, power to make better, healthier choices. 🙏Beth

Changing how we think, changes our beliefs, actions and outcomes!

"The measure of intelligence, is the ability to change." Albert Einstein Calgary Nutrition Company with a helpful newsletter and blog

Video on Gratitude from Session 1, Class 1. "It never gets old for me!" B

Optional Meditation Link

Please check out the other pages of my website, for any other offerings that may be beneficial over the summer or beyond. One on One coaching, fitness walks in the park, online chair yoga. 🙏Beth

Dance Through Life

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