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From Adversity To Resilience 10 Ways Forward

Updated: Feb 22, 2023


difficulties; misfortune:

"resilience in the face of adversity" · "she overcame many adversities"

Welcome to our next Caring Circle topic regarding how to move through adversity towards resiliency. Over the next 5 weeks, I hope to explore with you some helpful strategies and topic areas regarding how to grow and expand in difficult times rather than contract or feel stuck or powerless.

I often equate adversity to a small sailboat, lost on a large stormy ocean. Sometimes we feel like this sailboat when life creates unforeseen change or moves us in a direction we are not prepared for. Together, lovely ladies, I am hoping to find the strategies and gain greater empowerment regarding this topic. Hopefully, when faced with challenge and change, we have seen that there are documented methods and positive ways forward to sail towards a calm harbor. How can we best find the mindset to help move us through the storms that inevitably come our way?



Out of adversity, comes opportunity

I look forward to seeing you this Tuesday evening.


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