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Feeling Groovy!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Namaste Beautiful Caring Circle Sisters,

Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel like this lovely lady everyday?! Well Sisters, one week, one day, one strategy at a time, we are moving in this direction!!

Our journey regarding a good nights sleep and why it is important for us is starting to take great shape! We are learning a lot! Even if we don't remember it all, which is highly likely, I bet there are a few ideas or suggestions that will remain with us and be of help over time. From gaining better awareness as to why sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise, to entertaining some new ideas for ourselves, we are becoming more empowered towards a better nights sleep.

This week we will explore another important area for good health.

How Can You Improve Sleep and Strengthen Your Immune System?

Given the importance of sleep for immune function, making it a priority to get a sufficient amount of uninterrupted sleep every night can work to strengthen your immune system.

Improving sleep often starts by focusing on your habits, routines, sleeping and environment. Collectively, this is known as sleep hygiene, and even straightforward steps, such as having a consistent sleep schedule and avoiding using cell phones and tablets in bed, can make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. Relaxation techniques, including mind-body methods like yoga or tai chi, have also shown positive results in improving sleep while enhancing immune system function. "Trusted Source National Center for Biotechnology Information".

Below are two videos and one article about sleep and immunity. There are also lots of reminders regarding our sleep hygiene. These reminders lead to the body being able to keep a healthy immune system for better health and wellness. See you next Tuesday evening for a wonderful Caring Circle and Restorative Yoga session.



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